What is TakedownSC All About?

pb-111024-wrestling2-12p.photoblog900This site is an idea of mine that is really a long time coming. Having wrestled through middle school, high school, college, and beyond, and having studied and worked as a strength and conditioning coach for high level athletes, I have a unique understanding of how to most optimally prepare for the demands of wrestling. I’ve learned from both science and trial and error how to best train in order to wrestle your best when it matters most.

Unfortunately, the most common way I see combat athletes train, wrestlers in particular, involves beating the bricks off themselves with little rhyme or reason just because it’s really hard. Just because there are pools of sweat soaking the floor around you and you’re sore for a week after a training session doesn’t necessarily mean you are getting any better! Hard training is important, but smart training is required in order to be at your best when the lights are on and you strap on the red or green anklet.

This site is designed to be the resource for you- the dedicated wrestler training to be the very best who’s tired of working his ass off for minimal improvement. It’s basically what I wish I had when I was developing as a wrestler so I could have avoided a lot of the wasted time, injuries, and ugly matches that I had that I wasn’t as prepared for as I could’ve been, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes.

Wrestling and training are my 2 passions, and helping young wrestlers develop and reach their goals and dreams is what this site is all about, and the experience and knowledge behind what I say here will better prepare you to do just that.