What Are You Trying To Accomplish, Anyway?

UnknownGoals are one of those things that we’re told to have, but nobody really teaches us how to set them. We’re told to shoot for the stars, and that we’re able to do anything we set our minds to, and that’s great and all, but how the hell do we go about actually accomplishing them? Continue reading “What Are You Trying To Accomplish, Anyway?”

Stop Working Out and Start Training-Part 4: Strength Training

imagesThe number one mistake that¬†I see young wrestlers make is to try to copy the latest lifting programs from the internet. The internet is the new replacement of the old muscle mags, but it’s all one and the same: Jimmy sees a jacked guy in the picture and he says he does 40 different chest exercises on Monday, 72 back exercises on Tuesday, and leg press drop sets until he pukes on Wednesday. Take a few Continue reading “Stop Working Out and Start Training-Part 4: Strength Training”

What is TakedownSC All About?

pb-111024-wrestling2-12p.photoblog900This site is an idea of mine that is really a long time coming. Having¬†wrestled through middle school, high school, college, and beyond, and having studied and worked as a strength and conditioning coach for high level athletes, I have a unique understanding of how to most optimally prepare for the demands of wrestling. I’ve learned from Continue reading “What is TakedownSC All About?”