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Over the years there has been a surge of sports specific training throughout the internet from various sources. Virtually thousands of articles are uploaded weekly dedicated to helping you reach peak condition for pre-season, in-season, post-season and the off-season. It’s almost impossible to know which program to follow. You COULD follow the program written by a former competitor with limited experience in the classroom and virtually no credible certification. You might try following a training program written by someone with almost every academic accolade after their name yet has never competed (let alone know what a wrestling room even looks like or what it takes to compete in the sport.) You are literally left to pick and choose programs by architects that have not been vetted, only to learn of their ineffectiveness weeks down the road after wasting valuable time and money. The million dollar question..what’s the best program? The 50 cent answer..the one that works.

You see, wrestlers are a unique breed. Those that choose participate in the sport of wrestling understand that this sport literally requires that you dedicate your life to it in order to be great. You cannot count on teammates to contribute towards your win – loss record. You cannot sub-in when you are up by a considerable score and you certainly cannot burn the clock without consequence. Individuals involved in THIS sport require high levels of muscular endurance, aerobic conditioning, power output and recovery. One of the most important aspects of the sport of wrestling is the ability to reproduce these traits multiple times throughout the day and during post-season championships – over several days. Having a training program that is battle tested by those who have competed at the highest level while also achieving accredited nationally recognized certifications puts you ahead of the game and with the best possible chances of WINNING!

Following one mantra of training leaves you limited. Too much variety does not allow you to see measurable degrees of progress and development. Training programs should be developed into micro-cycles for the various seasons of the sport and macro-cycles for your overall goal! Abraham Lincoln once said, “ Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” As a wrestler that has competed at the world level, I can tell you that I have trained ineffectively and it has cost me big matches. The old-school of ‘more is better’ has been replaced by do what is effective and efficient. Olympic lifting, powerlifting, strongman training, tri-athlete training and old school strength and conditioning have all been driven into the minds of coaches over the years all claiming to be the superior way of preparing their athletes for competition. There is truth and fiction to all of these system, however, they are simply ingredients to the program and it will be how you organize and progress these training principles that will help you develop a program that works for you.