Exercise of The Week: Ring Push Ups

No matter how strong you are, push ups should be a staple in your training program. They are as basic as is comes, but there isn’t more of a bang for your buck exercise out there. Push ups involve the muscles of your chest, shoulders, arms, and core and can be made harder in a variety of different ways. The way I’m going to show today is on rings, which is my preferred method as they allow for a little more range of motion while allowing you to move through a more natural shoulder rotation that isn’t possible with your hand planted on the floor. (PS: I might get skewered for having a shirtless video, but it’s summer and 90+ degrees in my favorite training environment-my garage gym!)

I like putting higher rep bodyweight exercises in at the end of strength training sessions to really be able to burn out the muscles without the worry of handling any weight, and it really helps to keep you injury free as the large range of motion is great for the joints. If you don’t have gymnastics rings, these can be done on a TRX or Jungle Gym XT as well.

Give these a try at the end of your next training session and let me know what you think!