Exercise of the Week: Inverted Rope Rows

Pulling strength is vital to wrestling success. If you can’t pull in a leg when you’re in on a single or double, or be able to cinch up a tightwaist tight enough to squeeze the life out of your opponent, then you’re missing out on opportunities to score. While inverted rows are a great exercise for the pulling muscles of your back, shoulders, and biceps, this variation works all of the above muscles, as well as helping to build a bone crushing grip. Everyone knows that having a strong grip is an advantage in every aspect of wrestling, but having Popeye-like forearms sticking out of your T-shirt sleeves doesn’t hurt either.

Ring Row Tips

  1. Lock out your knees and pull your toes up towards your shins, while squeezing your glutes and abs tight to keep you in a straight line.
  2. Think about pulling yourself up by stuffing your shoulder blades in your back pockets.
  3. Don’t let your chin reach out past your chest.
  4. Pull until your thumbs are in your armpits
  5. Remember that the closer your body is to being parallel to the floor, the more of your weight you’re pulling, so if you can’t work through a complete range of motion, then walk your feet back up so that you become more vertical.
  6. 2-5 sets of 8-15 reps work better than super low reps

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