Exercise of The Week: Ring Push Ups

No matter how strong you are, push ups should be a staple in your training program. They are as basic as is comes, but there isn’t more of a bang for your buck exercise out there. Push ups involve the muscles of your chest, shoulders, arms, and core and can be made harder in a variety of different ways. The way I’m going to show today is on rings, which Continue reading “Exercise of The Week: Ring Push Ups”

Stop Working Out and Start Training! Part 3-Power Production

images-1The next step in our program is where things start getting fun and we really start getting after it. If you haven’t read the Part 1 or Part 2 be sure to go back and check them out first. It’s cool, I’ll wait… Continue reading “Stop Working Out and Start Training! Part 3-Power Production”

Lifting Weights is for Getting Strong

imagesWrestlers pride themselves on how hard they work day in and day out. The amount of suffering we can tolerate is worn as a badge of honor, and rightfully so. At the end of the day, though, in the words of world renowned strength coach Dan John, “the goal is to keep the goal, the goal.” Continue reading “Lifting Weights is for Getting Strong”

Stop Working Out and Start Training! Part 2-The Warm Up

imagesIn the first installment of this series, I broke down the 4 parts of an effective strength and conditioning program: a thorough warm up, power work, strength training, and, of course, conditioning, done in that order.

For most people, a warm up consists of a few arm circles and a 5 minute jog on the treadmill, but Continue reading “Stop Working Out and Start Training! Part 2-The Warm Up”

Exercise of the Week: Inverted Rope Rows

Pulling strength is vital to wrestling success. If you can’t pull in a leg when you’re in on a single or double, or be able to cinch up a tightwaist tight enough to squeeze the life out of your opponent, then you’re missing out on opportunities to score. While inverted rows are a great exercise for the pulling muscles of your Continue reading “Exercise of the Week: Inverted Rope Rows”

Exercise of the Week: 1 Arm Dumbbell Bench Press

Single arm exercises are incredibly valuable as an athlete for a number of reasons. Basically, when you’re wrestling, you are doing different things with each arm and hand and training them individually helps with that carry over. On top of that, pressing with one arm is Continue reading “Exercise of the Week: 1 Arm Dumbbell Bench Press”

Stop Working Out and Start Training! Part 1

Iowa State's Jake Varner celebrates his victory over Nebraska's Craig Brester in a championship bout in the 197-pound weight class at the NCAA Division I wrestling championships, Saturday, March 21, 2009, in St. Louis. Varner, who was runner up the past two seasons, finally wins a national championship.(AP Photo/Tom Gannam)To be a championship caliber wrestler, you need to be strong, explosive, flexible, and have a gas tank that allows you to wrestle aggressively for 6 or more minutes (ALWAYS TRAIN WITH OVERTIME IN MIND!). How you design your program will be the first step in being more prepared than the guy you shake hands with under the lights, and Continue reading “Stop Working Out and Start Training! Part 1”

What is TakedownSC All About?

pb-111024-wrestling2-12p.photoblog900This site is an idea of mine that is really a long time coming. Having wrestled through middle school, high school, college, and beyond, and having studied and worked as a strength and conditioning coach for high level athletes, I have a unique understanding of how to most optimally prepare for the demands of wrestling. I’ve learned from Continue reading “What is TakedownSC All About?”