Exercise of The Week: Ring Push Ups

No matter how strong you are, push ups should be a staple in your training program. They are as basic as is comes, but there isn’t more of a bang for your buck exercise out there. Push ups involve the muscles of your chest, shoulders, arms, and core and can be made harder in a variety of different ways. The way I’m going to show today is on rings, which Continue reading “Exercise of The Week: Ring Push Ups”

Stop Working Out and Start Training-Part 4: Strength Training

imagesThe number one mistake that I see young wrestlers make is to try to copy the latest lifting programs from the internet. The internet is the new replacement of the old muscle mags, but it’s all one and the same: Jimmy sees a jacked guy in the picture and he says he does 40 different chest exercises on Monday, 72 back exercises on Tuesday, and leg press drop sets until he pukes on Wednesday. Take a few Continue reading “Stop Working Out and Start Training-Part 4: Strength Training”

Stop Working Out and Start Training! Part 3-Power Production

images-1The next step in our program is where things start getting fun and we really start getting after it. If you haven’t read the Part 1 or Part 2 be sure to go back and check them out first. It’s cool, I’ll wait… Continue reading “Stop Working Out and Start Training! Part 3-Power Production”

TakedownSC Principles of Training

th-1There are a million and one things you can do in the gym and on the mat, and quite frankly, a whole lot of them work. So how are you supposed to decide which combinations of things will best prepare your body and mind to do battle on the mat? For starters, your program should be rooted in the following principles that have been developed over my 20+ years of training and competing, not just myself, but literally hundreds of others. I’ll break them all down for you below, and you can check out if your program fits the bill and make adjustments accordingly.

Continue reading “TakedownSC Principles of Training”

The Number One Way to Screw Up Your Strength Training

thLet’s make one thing perfectly clear right away-there are a lot of roads that lead to Rome. Any strength training program will work, for a little while at least, if done consistently and safely. The problem with this though, is that in today’s information overloaded world, every program we see is the new magic bullet and we can’t wait to try it. 8 minute Abs? Cool, let’s do it. 3 days later, boredom creeps in and we see “8 Weeks to a Herculean Chest,” so we switch Continue reading “The Number One Way to Screw Up Your Strength Training”